Premium Photo Package

This is the Ultimate Package to showcase your Luxury Estates and Exclusive Listings.  Includes 2 Complimentary HD Virtual Tours and a Sunset shoot!

After checkout, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your shoot.  Payment is not due until the completion of the shoot.


Product Description

The Best of the Best!  This package will showcase your best properties to their fullest potential.  When you need absolutely stunning imagery to impress your sellers and potential buyers, this is the package for you.  We take the time to make sure that every image details the architectural elements, design, and thought that went into every space in your listing, both inside and outside.  This package includes a sunset shoot.  Most likely, it will take two days (8-12 hours) to complete this package due to the time that is required to prepare each shot.  If there is a time constraint, we can bring an additional photographer along and complete the shoot in one day if requested.

Our Premium Photo Package includes all of the Standard and Basic Features plus:

  • Sunset Photo Shoot Included!
  • MLS, Web, and Print ready files delivered within 48 Hours
  • Onsite Amenities and one Offsite Amenity (like a nearby beach or golf course)
  • Studio Lighting as Necessary
  • 35+ Professional Images

The Premium Photo Package also includes these items from our Basic and Standard Packages:

  • Interior and Exterior Photos
  • Quick Turnaround

Our Premium Photo Package includes daytime and sunset photographs and can be scheduled from 9am.

After checkout, we will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your shoot.

We also offer HD Interactive Virtual ToursAffordable Aerial Photography and Property Highlight Videos, don’t forget to check those out below!


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