Highlight Video

HD Highlight Video to showcase the best of the lifestyle that your property has to offer.  Cinematic camera moves, music, and  a quick turn-around.


Product Description

When you are ready to move beyond Virtual Tours and really tell the story of a property or location, the HD Highlight Video is what you need.  We shoot both indoors and out, with the latest generation of RAW recording EOS cinema cameras to accurately capture the interior without sacrificing the views out the windows.  We create ultra smooth, tracking dolly and steadycam shots that move throughout the home combined with HGTV style crane and walking shots as appropriate.

The HD Highlight Video is delivered via a Vimeo link, not YouTube, because of the excellent playback quality that Vimeo offers.  The Video is from 1.5 minutes to 3 minutes in length, depending on the size of the property being shot and includes music.  Shooting an HD Video is an all-day affair, optionally wrapped up with a sunset/twilight session.

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